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Merida, Cancuun, Dominican Republic and a bout of tonsilitis


Bueno everyone. Just as I write this scintilating piece of poetry 476 photos are downloading as we speak ready to be placed on this site for your eyes only. Just to give you forward warning there's one of my burnt bottom (or back) so... please quickly flick through that one as I really can´t be arsed (nice punn he he!) to flick through every photo deleting them, It will get quite tiresome I`m sure.

Anywayss, we're currently in Dominican Republic...Yaaayy, but it's very overcast and extremely expensive...doh. The resort itself is quite cheap, a bargain, sort of, on expedia for 25 quid per night all inclusive, with air con, en suite, balcony, room service, buffet dinners, free drink and entertainment - a complete paradise compared to the last hostel in cancuun. Its amazing, these people get up, stuff themselves, sit by the pool, have a burger or 5, drink beer all day, have dinner, drink, watch the entertainment sleep, puke, shit. Then repeat the process for 14 nights with maybe a game of golf in between. It´s funny. Loads of tourists everywhere yet venture into town and you can't spot one white person anyway. Apparently the resorts place banners at the end of their properties saying they cannot be held liable for any crime inflicted upon anyone to scare people from leaving the sites (haven't seen these signs yet but it's a stoopid thing to do because the people really are quite friendly). Still find it petrifying walking down lonely streets at night.

Dom republic is very nice, though its like anyway else and lacks any real identity. Every beach you find is crammed with these oversized, monolithic resorts, from 2 stars and upwards. We´re currenly on the north coast in a region called Puerta plata on a beach called playa dorado and after the initial excitement of being here and staying in a hotel that has doors ,running water and you don't have to share with a snoring giant bear of a man the whole place becomes quite dull. The beach here isn't the brilliant white of my dreams and quite easily resembles something on the west of england. Perhaps my recent bout of tonsilitis could explain my negative outlook as I haven´t been able to swim, drink or eat properly for 5-6 days and our money has restricted us from enoying all the luxuries and tours that the Island has to offer. Hopefully planing either horseback riding into the mountains or snorkelling around paradise islands coral reefs on wednesday before flying out to Quito and the hostile landscapes of south America.

We also had similar experiences of Cancuun, described to us by Americans as the Mexican Blackpool, fits the bill quite nicely. Mass hotel structures literally built against the tides with no room to walk and hardly any to even sun bathe, quite a horrible place. The promenade itself is where the blackpool similarities are derived from with vulgar themed shows, strip bars and common American institutions plopped every where. Tgi Fridays, subways, and other brand names cropping up. The Americans seem to love it though. A perfect place to retire or have a luxury 2nd home. Loads of golf courses, perfect to park your boat and right next to the caribbean. Not my blend of pg tips though.

It's not been all bad though. Since moving up north from San Christobal and Palenke we stopped in Merida which is worth a visit. Has loads of spiralling roads with markets and stalls, where we stayed in a private room in a hostel in the main square, it's a perfect place to branch from to do other things. With all the options we decided to go cave diving to the zenotes which we thought would be huuuuge caves to wonder at and possibly scuba in. Anyway after travelling for an hour we got to the main town and marta bartered for a taxi cab, in which he said he would take us to all three caves for 200 pesos (10 quid - 4 days work for some mexicans- a lot). So he dropped us at the first cave, which was in the middle of fucking no where, and my first instinct was we're going to get mugged. This was when he dropped the 200 pesos question on us and we agreed (why, i dont know). So we pay and he takes us along this little path to this tiny hole in the dusty ground with a metal ladder stapped to the craggy edges by metal wire that descends about 20 metres into darkness. errrrr, yes we did go down it, why again I don't know. I think this was stupid day. After a little a swim and a few photos of marta shitting her pants, we waited for this taxi cab to come and pick us up...and we waited...and we waited. About 45mins later a friend of his decides to come and pick us up and we travel by bike to the next cave. This bike journey takes about 20 minutes, some of it uphill and I'm loving it, laughing at this robbing bastard - though glad that he did actually come back for us. Anyway we get to the next cave and he tells us that thats it and we have to get the bus back form here. Fantastic. The next cave was also quite dissapointing and overall was a waste of money - sweaty mexicans! Though the majority I've met have been friendly intelligent, helpful people.

Need to wrap this up quickly have to download! After Merida, headed east to playa del Carmen, a less Americanised Cancuun, Had a beach footy pitch on the beach - mexicans aint all that, though play bare foot and in 35 degree heat, still cant give them credit. Got extremely burnt here, I'm now currently scratching off the remains of my skin. Marta promised me her factor 4 Hawaiian crap would do the job. It did. My face is orange and my back red raw, great!. Quite a nice town though still loads of tourists, a nice beach, the water is gorgeous and relaxing. Have the chance to get the boat acoss to the island (i,ve forgotten the name) swim with dolphins and a great promenade with loads of market stalls- marta espeicially got hooked on watching the speed painters which is an amazing craft. Food is good, Marta had chicken cooked in mayan liqueur one night , which is like a honey from the wild flowers around the area - gorgeous. Rigth I'm boring myself, have to go, starting to get semi brown, hopefully it wont rain tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Asta La Vista baby - 10 years old, but it still sounds cool.

Posted by Marta-Alex 13:35 Archived in Mexico

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